About Us

The world is going through an era of revolution; it is going through an era of technological revolution. The advent of technology has made our lives easy and at the same time has given us with a great clarity of understanding the right and the wrong. A few decades ago starting a business and ensuring utmost success for it, was not difficult. But as the time passed by the competition in the market became harder and the technologies available to the customer made them more aware. The customers of today have become more aware and conscious of what they are availing and try to make the best out of what they do.

Thus, the marketing has become one of the most important tools for every business to reach the peak of their success. The basic rule of marketing is to connect with the customers and to share with them the benefits that they can get from your services or products. Well, email marketing has been there around for quite some time now to serve this purpose? But ask yourself do you read your email offers every time? NO! That is why the conversion rate from email marketing is very low. So what can you do? Well, SMS marketing is there which is highly efficient and help you to transpire your messages to your customers without any hindrance. At least 99 percent people immediately open their cell phones when they get a message. So the Bulk SMS marketing is the new champion strategy for the business all around the globe to meet their business goals.

At PublicityData.com Private Limited, we try to help our clients by offering exquisite services on the Bulk SMS marketing. We are Bangalore-based Bulk SMS website and we are trying to revolutionise the Bulk SMS services by offering the most credible services on Bulk SMS through Bulk SMS API, software and Web SMS. If the quality and credibility are what you seek while purchasing a Bulk SMS package then we are the best choice for you. We have a world class, Bulk SMS gateway which lets you send SMS at low prices to multiple recipients at a time with much ease.

Transpiring your messages have never been this easy and we make sure that you do not face any kind of problem. We have served a plethora of varied clients from different sectors of the economy and we have managed to satisfy them with our unblemished work ethics and superior services.

Serving the clients has always been a daunting task for us and we always try to make assure them with the best. High quality is something that we have always vouched for and we never let ourselves to come under the grasp of self-satisfaction. We believe that our success lies in our hard work and it is the only way we can truly serve our clientele. So come be a part of our journey and let us help you to achieve your goals and success through our flawless services.