Though the concept of marketing by sending Bulk voice messages is still new among the Indian business Diasporas but it is developing at an accelerated rate. More and more people are vouching for the Bulk voice SMS packages every day to communicate and connect with their customers in a way in which they could have never done before. With the Bulk Voice SMS services, you will be able to record your messages and will be able to send them to your customers in the form of voice calls in Bulk amounts. It is cheaper and much easier method of marketing than anything else.

At www.PublicityData.com, we always try to provide our customers with the highest quality services in the Bulk voices SMS. The technology that we use is the best in the market which lets you to send the messages and to administer the process with much ease and comfort without having to worry about anything.

Our Plans

5 Lakh 1,10,000/-22 Paise Per SMS
2 Lakh 46,000/-23 Paise Per SMS
1 Lakh 24,000/-24 Paise Per SMS
50,000 13,000/-26 Paise Per SMS
25,000 7,000/-28 Paise Per SMS