SMS marketing has become one of the best ways to connect with your customers without any hassle. Sending Bulk SMS is the best way to transpire your business ideas and concepts by shattering all the boundaries to the customers for them to understand and get interested in what you are offering them with. The Bulk messages are easy to send and they are highly efficient too. It has been observed that at least 99 percent people immediately check their cell phones out whenever they receive any message and conversion rate from these SMS sent to the recipients is also very high. One can get Targeted Audience with it.

That is why PublicityData.com Private Limited has made the process of communication through Bulk SMS and administering the process very easy and completely hassle free. Moreover, the price that we have set for our packages is the lowest so that everyone can avail them without any problem. We have kept the budgetary constraints of our clients in mind while fixing the rates; so we have kept the rates as low as possible so that you can avail it easily and achieve success in your marketing processes easily.

We also provide maximum customer support to our clients, so if you face any kind of problem then we will always be there to help you out. With us at www.PublicityData.com ensuring the best for you, you will also be able to break all the barriers to be the leader in your business field.

Our Plans

5 Lakh 70,000/-14 Paise Per SMS 75,000/-15 Paise Per SMS
2 Lakh 30,000/-15 Paise Per SMS 32,000/-16 Paise Per SMS
1 Lakh 16,000/-16 Paise Per SMS 16,000/-16 Paise Per SMS
50,000 9,000/-18 Paise Per SMS 9,000/-18 Paise Per SMS
25,000 5,000/-20 Paise Per SMS 5,000/-20 Paise Per SMS