Even though the SMS marketing is now projected as the king of all marketing processes but the email marketing has never lost its importance and it will always continue to be the best way to connect with your customers. With emails, you can send your offers or anything you want to transpire to your customers in much detail without any problem and you can do so easily with just a few clicks on your computer. Sending your messages through emails has a class which nothing can match with.

We at PublicityData.com Private Limited provide you with the most surreal Bulk Email marketing experience. Our services are of the best quality and are specifically tailored to be the lowest in price so that everybody can afford them without any problem. Moreover, the processes are very easy to follow and we always stay by the side of our clients to help them out in every instance. Be a part of our Publicity family and join our Bulk email service to see your business skyrocket to the Everest of success.

Our Plans

5 Lakh 25,000/-5 Paise Per Email
2 Lakh 12,000/-6 Paise Per Email
1 Lakh 7,000/-7 Paise Per Email
50,000 NA
25,000 NA